Best Practices for Submitting Research Artifacts to SEARCCH

Here are some recommendations for preparing and submitting research artifacts to the SEARCCH hub in a way that will more meaningfully aid the cybersecurity research community.

The SEARCCH hub supports the following types of artifacts:

  • software
  • datasets
  • publications
  • presentations
  • other

A small amount of curation planning in several key areas will improve the quality of submissions. These are:

  1. determine the best artifact structure for your body of work (e.g., software vs data),
  2. determine the relationships between the artifacts and potentially with others that are already in the system,
  3. document, package, and publish code and/or datasets,
  4. determine what metadata values should be used to best facilitate searches by other researchers. 

Click on a link to learn more about each area. 

Once you completed these planning steps, you are ready to import a set of artifacts into the SEARCCH hub.